We are proud to offer the latest technologies to enhance each research project.  Clients have access to mobile or web testing usability technology, as well as eye tracking, video streaming and so much more.  Our staff is able to assist with all technological requirements to ensure a successful project.

Audio & Video Recording

Complimentary digital MP3 and digital video recording are included with each session at Consumer Vision.  Copies of audio and video recordings are available for an additional charge.

Audio: Digital MP3 created and uploaded to our secure FTP Site.

Video: Utilizes our stationary ceiling mounted cameras to record Digital Video Sessions, which are uploaded to our secure FTP Site.

Professional Videographer: Take advantage of a professional videographer to record your research study responses.  Contact us for a quote.

Should you have specific requests or labeling preferences in regards to audio and video recording we will be happy to assist you. Please indicate on your client service request form.

Eye Tracking

Measure eye activity and gather information like where to put the most valuable content on your website or find out what grabs the most attention in your advertising efforts.  Using eye tracking in your research project can help gather information about your audience to help make your marketing efforts more effective.

Video Streaming

Video Streaming We understand that not everyone can always attend your research due to location, or other constraints. This is why Consumer Vision offers both Focus Vision as well as our own in house CV Streaming for video streaming options in order to bring your research to your clients live in real time. We can help you incorporate video streaming services into your research study. Ask your Account Director for details on how to book these services.