Our recruiting expertise extends far beyond focus groups and in-depth interviews in the consumer, medical, professional, and business-to-business markets.  We are also experienced in recruiting and scheduling off-site interviews by phone, online, in home or office, and at various external sites including via television commercial sessions and through automotive clinics and online communities. We can help connect you to a wide range of panelists including:

  • Physicians and health care professionals
  • Patients
  • B2B
  • IT professionals
  • Range consumer demographics including children and teens

Project Management

Consumer Vision prides itself on excellent management services.

Whether it is full service project management with recruiting, and/or facility management for catering and requests for your booking, Consumer Vision experts work with you to assure each of your needs are met.


Need a moderator to facilitate your sessions? Ask your Account Director today how Consumer Vision can assist you in booking a moderator custom to your project. Allow us to handle the organization and logistics, so you can focus on the research. CV can supply moderators with various specializations including (but not limited to) medical, business, professionals, and general population.

Additional Services

  • Note taking
  • Live rescreening
  • Screener Development
  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Simultaneous Translation **available at our Montreal Facilities only.